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MEIKO rack transport diswhasher for NOBU HOTEL, London

New dishwashing machines ensure minimal heat is introduced into the dishwash and kitchen spaces

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Catering Equipment Solutions provided a comprehensive service that included the design development, installation and fit out of the kitchen and back of house facilities for The Nobu Restaurant & Bar and the lobby lounge kitchen and bar. A key item of equipment included a MEIKO UPster-K rack transport machine situated near to the main basement level kitchen. Says CES MD Anna McNamara, “The client has the most demanding standards for the quality of its warewashing. And we also required a machine that not only washed dishes, but brought other benefits as well.

“The MEIKO UPster K-M250 does a great job of handling the the kitchen’s warewashing but importantly, its heat recovery feature captures heat and steam from around the machine, significantly reducing the ventilation load and making the dishwash a pleasant place to work in.”

A crucial part of the project design was to minimize heat output from the basement kitchen and back of house areas, to reduce demand on ventilation and M&E infrastructure. CES designers also utilized ‘remote’ refrigeration to direct waste heat externally. The compressors are sited outside of the kitchen itself and linked to fridges and freezers via dedicated pipework. The MEIKO rack transport dishwasher, featuring integral heat recovery, is compact and noted for its reliability and good wash quality. But most importantly, the UPster K rack transport dishwashers feature integral heat recovery, to effectively capture their own waste steam, ensuring minimal heat is introduced into the dishwash and kitchen spaces, helping to make the area a more pleasant space to work in.