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The clean solution

We take care of hygiene,

you take care of your business

Every single appliance leaving the MEIKO production line makes a contribution to hygiene – in the kitchens, sluice rooms and respiratory protective equipment workshops of our world.

We provide machine disinfection where manual cleaning would otherwise put people at risk.

We make life safer where there are hidden dangers. 

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Scheringer,
CEO of the MEIKO Group:

“At MEIKO, we think ourselves into our customers’ processes and create technologies from there. In this way we ensure one of the most important requirements for health and safety: hygiene!

If you promise safety, you have to provide assurances of your ability to do this. This is why we work with people the world knows it can trust.

Hygienists and virologists, for example. Like Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. med. habil. Friedrich von Rheinbaben, who helped us to deliver safety to our customers right at the start of the coronavirus pandemic: coronaviruses are being successfully inactivated with MEIKO technology.
>> Read the hygiene expert opinion on SARS-CoV-2

Or doctors specialising in hygiene such as Prof. Dr. med. Prof. h.c. Walter Popp, who wrote the expert opinion for our TopClean M. Since its publication, thousands of firefighters have been able to have confidence that their BA masks will do what they say they will do: protect them.
>> Read the hygiene expert opinion for TopClean M

Or the Canadian microbiologist Dr Elizabeth Bryce, in whose large-scale investigation of cleaning and disinfection appliances the interface design of our bedpan washer-disinfectors came out as the best – read more in the American Journal of Infection Control.

The superior ability of these appliances to remove bacteria and in particular clostridium difficile type spores from care utensils has also been confirmed by the independent hygiene institute HYGCEN Germany GmbH.
>> Read the expert opinion on clostridium difficile (more recently clostridioides difficile)

The most important question – and the one we ultimately always ask ourselves – is “what does the world need?”

Right now, more health and safety than ever. We always strive to do more.

This is because we know that we will ultimately be measured by the meaningfulness of our actions. And by the purpose we fulfil.”