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    Kehl Fire Department

    Using the TopClean M to clean and disinfect breathing apparatus (BA) masks and regulators

    Fire department in Kehl

    What extra tasks can you squeeze into six minutes? That’s not something Karlheinz Fimeyer has to worry about any longer when he’s working in Kehl Fire Department’s BA mask cleaning room. Using the TopClean M to clean BA masks and regulators means that the BA equipment manager no longer has to search for something else to do at the same time.

    That's because the shortest cycle of the washer-disinfector takes just six minutes. Previously he had to wait 45 minutes until everything was clean – but of course that was when the BA masks were still being cleaned in a dishwasher!

    "Kehl’s BA equipment maintenance team played an important role in developing the machine. We worked with them to perfect the basket in which the masks are arranged for cleaning. Our development department designed special containers for the small mask components and we worked very closely with Karlheinz Fimeyer and his colleagues to find the best solution for cleaning regulators in the same machine, keeping them at eight bar pressure during cleaning," reports Manuel Paulat.

    It’s no wonder that Fimeyer enthuses about a quantum leap in mask cleaning: "Instead of having to constantly leave the machine running while I find something else to do, I can now simply get everything done in one go."

    All thanks to cutting-edge equipment and a cleaning process that matches the fire service for speed!