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Hygiene - welcome on board

To ensure a smooth take-off, everything needs to run like clockwork behind the scenes. Every minute an aircraft is on the ground costs money, so airline caterers need fast, reliable, efficient and compact solutions to keep things moving. A seamless HACCP system is essential, because any lapse in hygiene on board an aircraft could pose a major health risk. One potential hazard stems from the trolleys used to distribute food and dishware to passengers on each flight. That's where MEIKO can help. Thanks to its decades of experience at some of the world's biggest airports, plus in-depth knowledge of medical technology and communal catering, MEIKO has the cutting-edge expertise airline caterers can trust. MEIKO wishes you a pleasant flight.

german engineered
Engineered with German practicality

The wash arms and nozzles can be individually adjusted for optimal cleaning results in awkward corners on containers or trolleys. All detachable components, such as lids, filter inserts and screws, are fixed with strings or chains to allow handling while securing them against getting lost.

Excellent drying results

Optimally located air knives on the ceiling and inner walls ensure the ideal distribution of large quantities of heated dry air onto all surfaces of the trolleys. Robust stainless steel lateral wash- arms with strategically directed nozzles guarantee first class washing results with absolutely no spray shadow.

Separate cabinets for installations and electronics

All water, steam, and pumped hot water connections, as well as distributors, valves, meters and hot water aggregates are centrally fitted within the standard MEIKO installation cabinet, offering great operating comfort and ensuring easy access for service and maintenance.

Washer from the inside
Unique MEIKO features

Additional powerful wash systems located underneath the open belt ensure the cleaning of the underside of the trolleys, bulky boxes and containers and other bulky equipment. Where trolleys with un-sealed bearings are still in use, the lower washing systems can be switched off independently. The heavy- duty stainless steel belt ensures unrivalled durability and an excellent stability of the trolleys even without arresting the brakes.

Washer from the inside
Perfectly dry, not dripping wet

MEIKO makes sure the drying process lives up to its name: the combination of a powerful fan and automatic trolley tilting ensures that all your trolleys come out clean and dry, not dripping wet.

Gets into every corner

MEIKO helps you keep germs at bay by stopping them get on board. All thanks to a sophisticated wash system with adjustable nozzles that can be adapted to any type of trolley or container. That means there are no hidden corners where germs and dirt could hide. Plus with MEIKO you get the reassurance of superior manufacturing and top-quality materials, so you can be sure your trolley washer will last.

MEIKO Control Systems

MEIKO’s trolley washers come equipped with modern display control systems, making daily operating data statistics and system monitoring available at your fingertips.


CC Insight

All system- relevant data, functions and operating processes are stored and displayed by the integrated KMM communication module. Operating conditions are analysed and diagnosed, and can be easily changed on your computer as necessary.


All cleaning operations can be controlled from the touch display.

User- friendly

Only the menu items that are required for a given operation are displayed, blocking out distracting information.


Authorised persons can easily take control and systematically optimise functions.


When needed, a library of supplementary information can be accessed via the high- res touch display (operating instructions, spare parts lists, contact data etc.).


If required, all machines can also be accessed online via the CC- Insight app or through the handheld CC data module.