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for cleaning and disinfection equipment

To get the best performance out of MEIKO cleaning and disinfection appliances and ensure sparkling clean results for your care utensils, it's important to use the right chemicals in our machines. That's why we recommend running our bedpan washer-disinfectors with cleaning chemicals which have proved their worth in all kinds of different situations. For more than 50 years, MEIKO has placed its trust in products from the Oppenau, Germany-based company etol.
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Should you decide to use a different brand of chemicals, please make sure to always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the conditions for use (max. water hardness) and recommended dosage. Provided that you can produce a compatibility certificate, our service technicians will be happy to set the chemical dosage to the correct level for your cleaning and disinfection appliance. The chemistry is always right with the MEIKO Service team!

Doyen SK22E

Bedpan rinse agent with softener, slightly acidic

Item no. 2003631

The new improved Doyen SK22E is the only rinse agent with a softening action which has been specially developed for all MEIKO cleaning and disinfection machines in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by MEIKO. For more than 20 years, customers have relied on Doyen SK22E to achieve outstanding, sparkling cleaning results for their care utensils. Doyen SK22E works tirelessly and effectively to prevent limescale build-up in the steam generator – without harming either the materials it comes into contact with or the environment. When set to its optimal dosage, Doyen SK22E guarantees superb results with minimal chemical consumption – and that means lower costs!

Water softening
Water softening - for good dish and ware washing results

When water is hard, it needs softening to achieve good results, whatever type of dish, glass or ware washer is used.

Doyen SK22E with apple scent

Bedpan rinse agent with softener, slightly acidic

Item no. 2003634

Choose Doyen SK22E with apple scent to eliminate unpleasant odours in your utility room. Enhance the working environment while enjoying all the special features of new improved Doyen SK22E technology.

Doyen SK33E

Bedpan rinse agent, acidic

Itemno. 2003632

Doyen SK33E is a great choice for more challenging conditions such as high water hardness or phosphate treatment. Its special ingredients ensure excellent calcium binding properties to keep the steam generator free from limescale even with very hard water. That makes it the ideal choice to produce sparkling clean, perfectly hygienic care utensils.

Doyen R 100

Bedpan detergent, slightly alkaline

Item no. 2001485

Doyen R 100 cleans care utensils powerfully and deeply – without harming either the materials it comes into contact with or the environment. Providing sparkling and reliably hygienic results, Doyen R 100 is an all-purpose detergent that works with all water hardnesses.

Doyen RS 120

Bedpan detergent, acidic

Item no. 2001486

Doyen RS 120 is a powerful special detergent for ointment residues. This all-purpose solution works with all water hardnesses.

Even when work is piling up in the dirty utility room, it's essential that things don't get confused. That's where MEIKO Chem Code comes in. We have developed a special suction lance coding system for our bedpan washer-disinfectors which ensures that users don't mix up rinse agent and detergent. It also eliminates the risk of unsuitable products being used in our cleaning and disinfection appliances and helps us ensure compatibility with medical devices in practical use.

The suction system gives users the reassurance of knowing that rinse agent and detergent will be added at exactly the right time, offering greater peace of mind for everyone involved.

The suction lance coding system for MEIKO bedpan washer-disinfectors has been exclusively designed to work with Doyen products from etol. Our technology can only be used with the newly developed canister design of Doyen products.

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