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Several quotes were obtained for the new dishwash system and MEIKO’s was not the cheapest.

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Paul Brain is Head of Logistics at One Event Management. He wrote the comment above to MEIKO’s Midland Regional Sales Director Peter Nimmo, following the installation of a new rack transport dishwashing system servicing One Event’s central production unit and event hire business.

Brain continues: “MEIKO took the trouble to invest in ‘customer-facing’ time, to explain in detail what their quote involved. Some of the other companies simply phoned and asked ‘How is the quote?’.

“Site visits to see comparable systems in operation led to various ‘tweaks’ in our requirements. A reverse osmosiswater treatment system sold itself on the labour cost savings. We could have up to 20 people polishing glassware after an event, for example, so a £7,000 investment was considered reasonable. MEIKO’s extended warranty offer was indeed the most attractive; no one else could match what MEIKO provided at the price.”

MEIKO has since supplied the dishwashing system for One Event’s river cruiser The Silver Sturgeon.

“That process was seamless,” continues Brain. “Installing a new dishwash on a river vessel was always going to be problematic, but where Meiko is ahead of the game is their quick response time and forward thinking to help resolve issues before they become problems.”

reverse osmosis system
Reverse Osmosis for sparkling clean dishes and glassware

For clients who want their glasses and dishes to sparkle, improving the water quality is essential – and that calls for demineralisation or osmosis.


MEIKO offers a “No-Bills” guarantee when purchasing. This includes fixed prices and planned maintenance, backed up by the best Technical Services team in the UK. All of the maintenance risk is placed with the supplier, providing hassle free operation for the operator.

The quality of technical support available to caterers varies enormously, so site visits to comparable sites are essential to confirm who provides the best service. Operators should also check if a potential supplier is tasked against penalty – as is MEIKO – to achieve what they claim!