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Dialekt Merdingen

The M-iClean H ensures no unnecessary steam escapes at Dialekt in Merdingen

The restaurant Dialekt is situated in Merdingen near Freiburg in Germany and it is designed to look like a huge greenhouse. Behind the scenes, MEIKO keeps everything clean.


Cafe Restaurant Bar DIALECT in Merdingen

The architecture is a completely new idea and the atmosphere will have you feeling warm and fuzzy. Even the location is perfect: on the edge of Merdingen, a sunny wine-growing town at the foot of Tuniberg hill, one of the sunniest areas in Germany. The architecture of café/bar/restaurant Dialekt is reminiscent of a huge greenhouse – and it is as if it had been specially made for Steffen and Stefanie Kind's restaurant business. The two cousins find that their venue is particularly popular for weddings. "We wanted to do some things a bit differently to what people are used to in Black Forest restaurants," explains Stefanie Kind with a smile. They opted for palm trees and modern lounge furniture rather than the familiar heavy wooden furniture with antlers on the wall. The menu features local, seasonal food with a subtle Mediterranean twist.


"Dialekt" was only opened in 2011 but its M-iClean H is the second MEIKO hood type dishwashing machine to grace Stefanie Kind's kitchen. "This model by MEIKO is the perfect solution for us," explains owner and head chef, Stefanie. "We have especially hard tap water here, measuring 20 German degrees," continues Steffen Kind. "Yet the M-iClean H still ensures excellent dishwashing results," according to Steffen. The functional height of the hood type dishwashing machine is large enough to fit in even the largest pots and pans. Then there is the new guard developed by MEIKO to prevent steam escape and that is one of the Kinds' favourite innovations. "We have our cold store near the dishwashing machine. Whenever the door to the cold store and the hood on the dishwashing machine were open at the same time, the steam got into the cold store and was spread around by the ventilation system. Mould started growing on the vegetables incredibly quickly," describes Steffen.

Stefanie Kind believes that the automatic hood opening system featured on the M-iClean H is a sign of great progress.

"We are excited to be using such a high-tech appliance which ensures smooth and time-efficient workflows."