The clean solution

‘Lago dei Salici’ restaurant – 1,700 covers, always set with sparkling dishware thanks to MEIKO

‘Lago dei Salici’ is a traditional Piedmont restaurant with 1,700 covers and uses German warewashing technology – and it is truly a story of love at first sight!

Mr Giovanni greet us with open arms and tells us the story of how ‘Lago dei Salici’ restaurant was founded and what it is like working with MEIKO.

This traditional Piedmont restaurant measures 120,000 square metres and is located in one of northern Italy's largest nature parks. ‘Lago dei Salici’ opened in 1995 with 120 covers. A few years later, management decided to add more dining rooms. Today, the restaurant boasts 1,700 covers and specialises in events and weddings.

The speciality main course, Mr Giovanni tells us, is Piedmont beef (carne fassona albese) with Castelmagno sauce. A real culinary delight. Allow us to present these traditional Piedmont products:

Fassona is the meat of Piedmontese cattle, a breed native to Piedmont. Its meat is renowned for being particularly lean while also being tender. Castelmagno is a strong-smelling, semi-matured blue cheese. These two strong flavours are perfectly complemented by a good glass of Piedmont Barolo wine.

Complex dishes and challenging foods spread over 1,700 covers demand 100 % efficiency in the dishwashing area. According to Mr Giovanni, the pots, pans and cutlery never came out of the old dishwasher completely clean. They almost always needed some kind of treatment before or after the wash cycle.

The restaurant operators were unhappy with this situation: the washing results were bad and bills and operating costs were increasing, too. Employees were also suffering from back pain and were always very tired from washing the dishes.

In addition to all of that, the restaurant operators wanted to improve the quality of the establishment with an environmentally friendly solution. They therefore started looking for a new provider who would properly fulfil their requirements. That was how they discovered MEIKO – and it was love at first sight!

MEIKO's team of Italian experts found a solution for this incredible restaurant: the MEIKO UPster K-M280 rack type dishwashing machine.

‘Our employees found it very easy to get used to using the new dishwashing machine,’ says Mr Giovanni. ‘MEIKO's team of Italian experts organised a training session for just after the machine was installed so that we could use the UPster K-M280 to its full potential.’  ‘It does everything itself,’ highlights Mr Giovanni. ‘You just have to put down the rack and the dishes will be ready to use again in no time. We are also astounded by the change in the air quality in the dishwashing area. There is no more hot, damp steam.’

All the advantages of a professional MEIKO dishwashing machine for food service:

  • Best possible clean
  • Optimised day-to-day workflows
  • Happy employees
  • Superb cleaning results
  • Easy to use
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Eco-friendly dishwashing
  • Optimum indoor climate in the dishwashing area

Please get in touch if you would like these advantages for your company's dishwashing area.