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Staufenberg Castle: tradition compels

For washing glasses bearing the castle's traditional coat of arms, only MEIKO will do.

MEIKO Staufenberg Castle

"The view from here enchants people." Larissa Stäbler smiles, standing on the region's largest panoramic terrace and pointing towards Strasbourg. "Sometimes the cathedral over there seems so close that you want to reach out and touch it." The wine bar manager of Staufenberg Castle does not promise too much. The panorama is stunning, allowing you to gaze at Hornisgrinde Mountain, then Strasbourg and along the Rhine Plain deep into the Kaiserstuhl hills. The Vosges Mountains range soars in nearby Alsace, while on the other side of the slope the foothills of the Black Forest flow into the undulating terraces of Durbach.

Not only does the region lie at visitors' feet, but the local history is also very palpable. Much has happened since the Zähringer family built the castle in the 11th century, and in the 200 plus years that it has been in possession of the Margraves of Baden. The latter period began with an expansion of the castle in the Romantic style, and even today the Margrave of Baden regularly pays a visit. And he's not alone.

Tourists, gourmands, wine lovers, conference attendees and fans of first-class events: all find what they are looking for. Which is all made possible by what is offered: a wine bar, a modern enoteca, the farm shop and a chocolaterie in combination with the Lindenhof, the spacious terrace and conference rooms. There is also an impressive event room. What was historically the servants quarters is now the venue for an annual, four-day jazz festival. The wall separating the hall and wine bar is opened for JAZZ NIGHTS and a hint of MTV Unplugged is heard through the walls. Even the renowned Swedish jazz pianist and composer Jacob Karlzon was here jamming at the beginning of the festival. Good wine, a stylish ambience, not to mention a certain panache, make for a truly unique event. From fashion shows to the premiere of the new Porsche 911, visitors are treated to an exclusive experience when the Staufenberg calls.

As part of the margravial vineyard, the castle is firmly anchored in the history of quality Baden wines. Pure Riesling vines were first planted here in 1782, marking the birth of the Ortenau tradition of Klingelberger wine – the only synonym for Riesling in the German wine law.

Around 240 years of tradition stand behind the dedication to fulfil perfection. This is guaranteed by the coat of arms and family motto on every glass: "Fidelitas" – loyalty. Not just any dishwashing technology can be used for these glasses. Quality is a necessity. "That's what MEIKO stands for in the market", says Stäbler. At Staufenberg, a new generation of undercounter dishwashing machines ensures crockery is brilliantly clean, bridging the gap between the 11th century and the age of high-tech. That's exactly what is hidden behind the award-winning M-iClean U undercounter dishwashing machine from MEIKO. The innovations are substantial. For example, the elimination of pre-installation. That gives you added freedom in organising your kitchen, where every centimetre counts. In Durbach, the machine could be repositioned, fitting the space better and making life easier for employees. Rather than standing under the work surface, it is now mounted on a plinth that offers storage space for detergent. That means no more bending down while holding a full rack.

And the coat of arms? It shimmers crystal clear – without polishing, thanks to the GiO MODULE. "Osmosis technology makes life much easier", says the satisfied manager, especially since the module is integrated in the new M-iClean U. The machine's speed is also appreciated, because the wash cycle is about 30 seconds shorter. That adds up. "Since the machine washes much faster, we need fewer glasses and nothing is left here standing around", says Stäbler referring to the return station, which always used to be full of dirty washware. That leaves the steam, or rather no steam. The new ComfortAir technology reduces steam by up to 80 %. "You're definitely aware of that, especially when you wear glasses", she adds. And it benefits the indoor climate, whether in a wash-up area or behind the counter of a bar. Tradition and modernity meet at Staufenberg Castle, from the castle wall to the dishwashing area. And they all come for a visit – tourists, jazz lovers, gourmands, couples and wine lovers. The margrave's seal radiates inviting them to reflect on the essentials: to enjoy the scenery and to spend a beautiful time with a good glass of wine.