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Requirements of dishwashing machines in food service

Asked by the professional

1. Mr Mayer, what are the demands of a dishwashing machine in food service?

Michael Mayer: A Michelin starred German chef once told me, ‘A plate is like a canvas for you to execute your culinary masterpiece and it has to be perfect.’ Not just the plates, though. Cutlery and glassware have to turn out perfect, too. Modern dishwashing technology in the food-service industry means that nothing needs to be polished after washing and that efficient technology saves money on energy, water, chemicals, time and personnel.

2. What does MEIKO have to offer in terms of carefully designed and time-saving workflows?

Michael Mayer: The M-iClean HM, HL and HXL dishwashing machines. For these machines, we took a new approach to the whole dishwashing process with a particular focus on ergonomics. From inserting the rack to drying the washware, the M-iClean H has a whole host of advantages: for example, there is no need to stoop down uncomfortably to view the display anymore – it is mounted at eye level. The automatic hood system closes and opens automatically as soon as the dishwashing process is complete. This means that the operator is not tied to the workstation but can go and do something else. If that adds up to one hour per day in a five-day week, that comes to 20 hours per month. We also included the planning process for the dishwashing area in our considerations. How are the tables and rack shelves arranged? Where does the dirty washware arrive and how is it taken away again? Thinking about this in advance avoids traffic jams and reduces time wastage.

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There is no need to even tap the hood with our automatic rack detection. Just insert the rack from the side and let the dishwashing machine do the rest.

3. Can the M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine efficiently clean large pots, pans and trays?

Michael Mayer: Of course it can! MEIKO has the right technology, whatever the requirements. Our universal warewashers are designed for the toughest jobs – the wash is dynamic and powerful with higher wash pressure, for example, to dissolve even stubborn residues.