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M-iQ - Inflight Catering warewashing systems

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Inflight catering M-iQ dishwashing machine

Experience the technology behind the M-iQ flight-type dishwashing machine live.

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M-iQ energy concept EN
Energy concept

Heat recovery is active throughout all of the M-iQ's processes. This heat is channeled back into the system and using our innovative distribution. Thanks to its special, dynamically adaptable design, the M-iQ flight-type dishwasher for inflight catering applications makes carefully metered use of valuable energy. That means lower energy costs, as well as consistently good climate conditions in the pot wash area.

M-iQ AirComfort drying

Equalisation vents separate the air flows used in the M-iQ's drying process from the wash area – that is the AirComfort concept. This produces superior drying results and makes optimum savings on valuable energy at every stage of the process. It also provides the highest levels of convenience at the unload workstation.

M-iQ Filter

The M-iQ's ingenious filter system is central to this inflight catering dishwashing system. Food waste is actively removed during the wash process, saving huge amounts of detergent and water without detracting from the high performance clean.

Inlet cleaning of the M-iQ

MEIKO works hygienically right from the infeed: food waste is automatically washed off at regular intervals using a powerful blast of water.

pass through dishwashing machine M-iQ GreenEye

Cool: the flow of heat is diverted, the hot steam and vapour cool down –
and that allows the M-iQ to harvest more energy for washing of inflight catering ware.

AirComfort container M-iQ

Even in container mode, we guarantee perfect results, optimum energy efficiency and low running costs at all times. It is the equalisation vents inside the M-iQ dishwashing system that make this happen: swirling air currents are equalised by the additional air supply. Optimum conditions and first-class drying on containers, too.

Maximum flexibility for every workstation

Optional free-fall offloading section and individually activated final switch for each track. The multi-purpose concept is perfectly tailored for the typical requirements of everyday inflight catering business. One dishwasher for everything: MEIKO flight-type machines clean everything from cutlery and porcelain dishes to glasses, plastic trays and even standard-unit boxes. The great variety in the length of the feeding and discharge sections available from MEIKO offers the maximum in terms of adaptability and can be scaled to meet the requirements of every workload.

GreenCoach Always on the right track

GreenCoach displays a green light to show which lanes should be loaded at the feed point. That is the finishing touch on the M-iQ's optimisation masterpiece.

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M-iQ – Reach the cruise altitude of user-friendliness

MEIKO’s dedication towards user-friendliness and high performance is apparent in both design and execution of the M-iQ inflight catering dishwashing system. The individual components of the M-iQ are produced to withstand the heavy-duty, high-rotation use


To guarantee the ease of operation and maintenance, the M-iQ dishwashing system employs a system of visual cues. All curtains are coded to ensure that they are always correctly installed.


Clearly visible signal lights show the operational status of the M-iQ. A white lamp indicates that R/O rinse is selected, while a flashing orange light warns operators when the pre-wash tank-filter is blocked.

Economical and resource-efficient dishwasher M-iQ

From the hard-wearing, easy-to-clean surfaces down to the casted drive sprockets – everything about the M-iQ flight catering dishwashing system is constructed for endurance and longevity.

The future of commercial warewashing

Every component that may require manual handling is clearly marked in blue, making for easy identification during maintenance procedures. Additionally, all detachable components are fixed with strings or chains to secure them against getting lost.

M-iQ Platform Concept

The M-iQ Platform Concept fits like a glove. Whatever the system designs for the use of the M-iQ flight-type dishwashing system might look like, the modular design of the M-iQ permits optimal adaptation to individual customer needs and room conditions. Whether basket or conveyor transport, the M-iQ fits perfectly and anywhere. The available conveyor widths and heights provide for optimal use of space and efficiency for your inflight catering business. In other words: the M-iQ is at home everywhere.

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