The clean solution

Brilliant technology

Machine construction is technology. At MEIKO, machine construction is dishwashing, cleaning and disinfection technology that has endured the day. Our almost 90-year company history manifests itself at our customers: Of course, we repair machines that have been in use for over 40 years. This is service excellence and technology brilliance. Technology arrived in the age of information a long time ago: Digital, networked, flexible. Lots of machines can wash, clean and disinfect. But the process from the used dishes or medical product to the usable, clean and hygienically impeccable dishes or medical product, taking all prevailing conditions into account - that's a matter for the brilliant technology of MEIKO.

Our Values

The MEIKO wheel of values illustrates our approach: you can turn things whichever way you like, but if you want the wheel to run true, you need to strike a harmonious balance between ecological and economic factors, tradition and innovation, fair play and progress.