The clean solution


Is cleanliness a value? All of us at MEIKO believe it is! Restoring cleanliness is among the oldest rituals of mankind. And we talk about "Attaching value to cleanliness" for good reason. There's no wonder: Cleanliness and hygiene are inextricably linked to human health. And since humankind has known that this is the case, water has played a key role in cleanliness and for MEIKO too. The fountain in the company logo is still testimony to this alliance today - and will continue to stand for clean solutions in the future.  The very reason for our existence is to wash hygienically and cleanly - no matter whether dishes, glasses, bedpans or urine bottles.

Our Values

The MEIKO wheel of values illustrates our approach: you can turn things whichever way you like, but if you want the wheel to run true, you need to strike a harmonious balance between ecological and economic factors, tradition and innovation, fair play and progress.